Security Keypad for Smartphone

    Best of the best “Security Keypad for Smartphone”

    nFilter is the most widely used Smartphone Key Input Solution for banks, credit card firms and stock market. It supports various platforms such as iOS, Android, Window Mobile, Bada, BlackBerry, and Windows Phone7.

    • Qwerty Keyboard

      The QWERTY Keyboard, the most preferred keypad layout by customers, is the default setting for nFilter.

    • ECC Cryptography Module

      nFilter uses the ECC Cryptography Module, which complies with the international standard. This module’s high speed and light weight make nFilter suitable for the smartphones.

    • User eXperience Design

      nFilter continues to enhance User eXperience Design along with provision of horizontal mode, Korean letters beneath the alphabets, and tablet-specialized version.

    • Fast O/S Update

      nFilter provides Rapid and Continuous Updates for Bada, BlackBerry, Windows Phone 8 and other new operating systems.

     Solution Configuration (System)

    1. Randomizing algorithm for providing keyboard input security (Key entry point, provided length of the input confidentiality).
    2. Keyboard-server provides End-to-End encryption channel, Not required a separate encryption functions.
    3. Generate security parameters for each session to ensure the forward secrecy – National standard 128bit SEED block cipher algorithm for encrypting the communication channel.
    4. Secure international standard random number generation algorithm (FIPS PUB 186-2, ANSI X9.62) uses – nSafer encryption module is used by applying KCMVP certification criteria.
    5. The best algorithms Combination for wireless devices and lightweight unit.

     Advantages and Strengths


    • Prevention of Exposure and Modulation for the input of key values
    • Implementation of various and random key arrangement
    • Encrypt transmission of input values, the server decrypts(E2E)
    • To Prevent exposure of input values through memory searching


    • Landscape , Support writing to the horizontal
    • Offers a variety of keypad(numbers, uppercase and lowercase letters, special characters)
    • Korean character sets and password input
    • Support a variety of server (NT, Linux, HP-UX, AIX, SunOS


    • Reflect the needs of our customers to customize the keypad UI
    • Features a variety of input(Zoom function, Touch Sound Features)
    • Support security solutions for new smartphone OS.(BADA, BlackBerry, Windows Phone 7)
    • Support continuously updated for OS upgrade

    Function and Performance

    Prevention of Exposure and Modulation for the input of key value

    You recently entered a key value can be seen on the screen

    You can see the last key value entered, the value is masked processing. (Option can be selected

    Implementation of various and random key arrangement

    nFilter has a rearrangement of the button, because users want to rearrange at any time, you can click the button.
    nFilter, compared to other solution products, has the advantage of superior security. (No rearrange buttons at other solutions)

    To prevent exposure of input values through memory searchin

    nFilter does not expose the value of the input. It does not expose through memory searching. Because its value does not reside in memory.

    nFilter does not have an exposure problem. Because masking characters on the screen is different from the actual input

    Portrait & Landscape UI support

    The UI of nFilter ver2 supports ‘Landscape and Portrait screen mode at the same time.
    nFilter on the layout of the smart phone’s small screen effectively be configured and improve visibilit.


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