NSHC Privacy Policy

NSHC Inc. will protect customer information consistent with the principles of this NSHC Privacy Policy.


  1. Personal information items and collection method
  2. Rights of Users and legal representatives, and methods to exercise the rights
  3. Technical/ manageable protection method for personal information
  4. Contacts of a personal information manager
  5. Duty of notice

1. Personal Information Items and Collection Method

Droid-X 4U does not collect any personal information of User. Droid-X 4U only references following items for AV feature that detects viruses and rooting (the following items are not collected for special use).

  • Reference items: installed App list, installed App files (APK files), abnormal execution files.
  • Reference method: securement of the App list that installed through official API, reference/ scan of the meta data and binary data through the APK file accessibility, check existence of files that may cause rooting or system deformation.

2. Rights of Users and Legal Representatives, and Methods

  • Users and legal representatives are always able to inquire of or correct own or their under fourteen years old children’s registered information. In addition, Users and legal representatives can reject to agree or ask to cancel the contract in the event that they do not agree with Our Company’s personal information process. In such a case, all or part of the Service may not be available.
  • To access to or correct the personal information, or to cancel the contract, Users or children under fourteen must contact Customer Service (support@nshc.net) by email and go through identification process.
  • In addition, Our Company will take action if User who contacted to the personal information manager in writing, by phone, or by email, promptly.
  • In the event that User asks to correct the errors of personal information, Our Company does not provide or use the corresponding false information until the errors are corrected. In addition, in the event that Our Company provided the false information to third part/ person, we notify the correction processing result to the third party/person promptly to complete the correction process.
  • Our Company promptly destroys the personal information that once canceled or deleted at the request of User or legal representative, and precludes the possibility of using or accessing for any other use.

3. Technical/ Manageable Protection Method for Personal Information

Our Company provides technical/ manageable protection method as shown in the follows to guarantee stability that the personal information is not lost, stolen, exposed, altered, or damaged. However, Our Company has no liability on the issues caused from the personal leaked information that was due to User’s negligence or internet problem.

  • Protection and Prevention from Hacking
    • Our Company makes the best to prevent from leaking or damaging personal information of our members.
    • Our Company does frequently backup data in preparation for personal information damage, and prevents from leaking or damaging User’s personal information by using the newest anti-virus programs.
    • Our Company secures transmission of personal information by using cryptographic communication.
    • Our Company controls unauthorized access coming from outside by using firewall system, and tries to be fully and technically equipped to ensure systematic security.
  • Minimization of Staff Numbers, and Training
    • Handling of managing personal information is limited task only to our person in charge, and Our Company gives special password that is updated regularly for the management.
    • Our Company trains our staffs regularly and emphasizes that they must comply with this Privacy Policy.
  • Management of Exclusive Organ for Information Privacy
    • Department related with personal information in Our Company checks whether our staffs complies with the Privacy Policy. If problems are found from the personal information processing process, Our Company tries to solve and correct the problems promptly.
    • Our Company make personnel who is leaving Our Company sign to a confidentiality pledge, for him/her not to damage, violate, or leak the personal information which he/ she has learned during official work.
    • Our Company has no liability on the issues caused from the personal leaked information that was due to User’s negligence or internet problem.

4. Contacts of Personal Information Manager

You are allowed to complain to a personal information manager or a corresponding department about personal information problems happened in the course of using our Service. We will respond to the complaint promptly with a satisfactory answer.

Personal Information Manager Vice President, Paul Lee cio@nshc.net
Personal Information Department Mobile Solution Department support@nshc.net
Telephone +82-31-458-6456

If you have additional complaints or need supports regarding personal information, please contact the following organizations:

  • Complaints Center for Infringement of Personal Information: www.118.or.kr (118 without area code)
  • Cyber Criminal Investigation Department at Supreme Prosecutors’ Office: www.spo.go.kr (+82-2-3480-3571)
  • National Police Agency Cyber Terror Response Center: www.ctrc.go.kr (182 without area code)

5. Duty of Notice

When the Privacy Policy is to be amended regarding to the contents addition, deletion, or correction, the amendment will be posted at the web site of Our Company at least 7 days before the amendment. For the important amendment regarding to the user’s right about the collection and usage of personal information, third party provision, the amendment will be posted at the web site at least 30 days before.

  • Date of notice: July 1st 2017
  • Date of enforcement: July 1st 2017