– Cybersecurity Technology Agreement on Vessels and Ships Using Dark Web Analysis

▲ NSHC and DSLab Company signed an MOU for business cooperation. (Image Provided = NSHC)

The NSHC (CEO Hur Young-il, NSHC), a cybersecurity company, and the DS-Lab Company (CEO Jo Yong-hyun, DS-Lab Company), a security company for Maritime industry, have signed a MOU for business cooperation.

The main goal of this business agreement is to cooperate in building a business model by partnering of two companies. It is to develop a new business of cyber threat intelligence services specialized to maritime industry based on billions of Dark Web analytics.

Jo Yong-hyun, CEO of the DS-Lab Company, said, “Just as cybersecurity is needed for autonomous cars on the ground, the need for cybersecurity for ships in the sea is growing as ships and vessels are gradually autonomized. In regards of this, we will develop specialized technologies and lead the markets to ensure security through cooperation with NSHC” he said.

Nowadays, confidential information and technologies are being leaked through the Dark Web and companies get damaged and threatened by breach incidents. As the necessity of monitoring Dark web is increasing, DS-Lab Company fosters a new cyber terrorism response system in convergence with cybersecurity technology and digital forensics technology of DS-Lab Company and Dark Web intelligence technology of NSHC.