APP Protect

    Anti-Tamper Solution

    Anti-Tamper Solution

    APP Protect ensures integrity of the software for enterprises and organizations.

     Main Function

    System Protection

    • Rooting and JailBreaking detection
    • Unauthorised access prohibited
    • One-time authentication token using ECDH

    Application Protection

    • Native/Hybrid applications supported
    • Anti-debugging
    • Anti-decompiling

    Immediate Technical Support

    • Admin Console
    • Updates provided consistently regard to OS upgrade
    • Immediately respond to the issue


    Detail Functions






    Device & O/S
    Rooting & Jail Breaking Search O O Searching for O/S Hacked Phone & Tablet
    One Time Token for Cryptography O O ECDH Type Crypto Module
    Major Smart Phone O/S Support O O For Android, iOS
    O/S Integirty Checking O O Server Base O/S Integrity check Algorism
    App Hacking Protection Enhances Obfuscation O O Adapt Dexguard for APP Obfuscation
    Anti Reverse Engineering O O Anto-Debugging, Anti-Compiling
    Integrity Check of APP Binary O O KCMVP authorized Crypto Module Used
    Monitoring &
    Event Logging
    Unusual event Logging O O Hacked App Monitoring Log filing
    Statistics for System Manager Report O O Reporting Support for System Manager
    Interruption of hacked APP Running O O Stopped APP Running after APP Hacking
    Various Log Management O O Various Event Logging Support
    Update Support New hacking Trend Sharing & New Pattern Update O O Specialized Anti hacking Team Support


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