“Enhanced Anti-Virus Solution for Android “

Droid-X is Anti-Virus Solution for Android smart phone.

Droid-X is the third generation mobile antivirus solutionthat consists
of a new malware scanning engine and a mutant malware scanning engine.

  • Anti-Root / Anti-Hacking

    Verifies integrity of operating system on smartphones (Process, Memory, File, Log, Port)

  • Anti-virus/ Anti-worm

    protects smartphones from malwares through surveillance

  • Live Update

    provides 24/7 live update and urgent patch services by cert team

  • Anti-Phishing Scanning of Illegal Applications

    Scans both pre-exisiting apps and newly installed app

  • Various Scanning Option

    simple/detailed scanning/ pattern and activity based scanning / property variable check

  • Compatibility

    Android 2.0 or later