NSHC’s One Time Password

“Not experienced, New OTP”

nOTP is the Multipurpose OTP solution for Smart Platform(iOS, Android).
This solution can be used for Two Channel Authentication of various kinds of use.
Such as System Admin Login, Smart banking, Web Application Login etc.

Main Function

  • Time Based OTP

    OTP generation with Time sync
    No more communication with server
    If needed, Time Sync. Calibration possible

  • Secure Encryption

    Global STD Algorithm applied (FPIS PUB 186-2, ANSI X9.62)
    ECDH Crypto Algorithm applied
    Korean NIS approved Crypto STD applied

  • Enhanced Mobile OTP

    Onetime Multi Password generation (PAT)
    Anti-MIMA(Man-In-the Middle Attack) Function
    OTP reuse protection
    Security Keypad adapted

  • Admin Console

    System Access Console Integration
    Police management for group or individual
    Web OTP function for emergency use

Screen shot


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